Photo by Pogonici/iStock / Getty Images

Dear Delegates, 

Welcome to the second annual Harvard Model Congress Latin America! We’re so excited to be chairing the World Health Organization Committee. Our names are Anne Mentzinger and Pranay Nadella. Anne is a rising Senior (4th year) from Philadelphia and Pranay is a rising Junior (3rd year). The conference will be both of our first times in Brazil and we can’t wait!

Over the next couple of days, you will have the opportunity to confront problems and challenges that plague the international community. The WHO is tasked with responding rapidly to crisis in all aspects of global health and coming up with solutions that work and make sense for many different countries.  

This August we will spend the duration of committee discussing global infectious disease control and burn response. Together you will craft a resolution to improving the containment of infectious disease. We will then move to confronting the problem of treatment and improved burn care in developing countries. Remember to keep in mind all aspects of global health such as patient needs, costs, and culture as you develop resolutions and policies. We encourage you to engage with the briefings and conduct outside research before the conference as it will greatly improve your experience and help us run the best possible committee. If you have any questions between now and the conference feel free to e-mail us, and we look forward to meeting you in a couple of months!


Anne and Pranay