Through the conference, students begin to connect academics with the world around them and, most importantly, begin to get involved and understand the role they can play in changing the world for the better.
— Faculty Advisor


Harvard Model Congress (HMC) is a government simulation conference run entirely by Harvard students who are passionate about international relations, government, and teaching. HMC is committed to providing an immersive educational experience for high school students from across the globe this year in its inaugural conference. Since the first Harvard Model Congress Boston conference in 1986, HMC has emerged as the leading international and government simulation program for high school students. As we approach our 30th year, Harvard Model Congress now holds conferences in Boston, San Francisco, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Madrid. Each year, thousands of high school students have the opportunity to participate in an HMC conference, and we are thrilled to bring our educational mission and our enthusiasm to Latin America.

HMC is dedicated to teaching, inspiring, and connecting students from across the world. Our enthusiastic and extensively trained staff is dedicated to creating an informed, intimate, and lively forum for debate about a range of fascinating global topics. From job creation to the fight against international crime, delegates will learn about fascinating and relevant issues while practicing their public speaking, negotiation, and critical thinking skills. By creating a dynamic educational environment, we hope to broaden delegates’ awareness of the world while inspiring them to discover their own leadership potential.

HMC teaches students about government and international relations by providing insights into pressing global issues and by offering a forum to discuss possible solutions. HMC’s staff of talented Harvard undergraduate students, selected after a competitive application process, strives to encourage a passion for government and international relations by simulating international organizations and the United States government. After extensive writing and research, HMC staff members develop in-depth online topic briefings to allow for pre-conference delegate preparation. As a result, delegates will gain knowledge and skills crucial to confront the global challenges of the 21st century.

Students learn both from the program curricula and from engaging with one another. As they become more comfortable in presenting original ideas to their peers, delegates will develop priceless argumentation and public speaking skills. HMC works diligently to prepare and encourage every delegate to participate actively in committee sessions, author treaties and bills, and give speeches before large groups on complex issues. HMC’s goal is to help students articulate their views and engage in the productive debate that is a vital part of leadership, government, and civic engagement. After three days of thorough debate, cooperation, and hard work, each conference delegate will leave with increased confidence and leadership skills, a profound understanding of foreign relations, improved public speaking skills, a better mastery of English speech-making, and the ability to find common ground among disparate views.

Harvard Model Congress Latin America was founded in 2014, when Enzo Vasquez-Toral had the dream of bringing HMC to a new continent. Since then HMCLA has touched the lives of over 500 delegates since. Join the legacy by registering today!