Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Harvard Model Congress Latin America Historical Committee! My name is Paige Wallace, and I will be your committee chair this summer.

I am a rising senior at Harvard College, studying History and Literature. I specifically examine the changing representations of United States education in film and novels since the 1950s and how those representations reflect shifting cultural values. Outside of the classroom, I also work with the Mission Hill After School Program, a free after school program which provides homework help and academic/social curriculum for elementary and middle school students in the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston, MA. In addition to HMCLA, I have also staffed HMC conferences in Boston, San Francisco, and Madrid.

In the Historical Committee this year, we will be traveling back in time to Friday, October 23rd, 1998. At this time, meteorologists have found that a potentially deadly storm, Tropical Storm Mitch, has developed over the Caribbean and is traveling towards Central America. We will be preparing for, and eventually responding to, this storm from the perspective of the Honduran government. This means that each of you will be assigned a role within the Honduran government or a related non-governmental organization.

While some of the events in our committee may mirror actual events, many will differ based on actions that you take. This means that you should focus your attention and research on political, economic, and social conditions in Honduras leading up to October 1998. I would also recommend researching the ways in which Honduras and other Central American nations have responded to hurricanes in the past.

Feel free to send me an email in the weeks leading up to the conference to introduce yourself or ask any questions that you may have. I am so excited to meet all of you at HMCLA this year!

All the best,

Paige Wallace