Photo by jcamilobernal/iStock / Getty Images

Dear Delegates:

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress Latin America, and welcome to the Brazilian Supreme Court!

I’m Caroline, a rising junior at the college originally from North Carolina studying government. This will be my second time in Brazil and third time staffing the Supreme Court, and I’m so looking forward to meeting you all!

The Supreme Court is one of the most powerful entities in the Brazilian government. It rules on every manner of law, state and federal, across the country, and especially now is at the forefront of many major political issues and current events. It rules on affirmative action, healthcare, education, elections, and issues that affect the everyday lives of Americans. Arguing on either side of a case, or ruling on one, is a huge responsibility. It’s also one we hope you’re excited to undertake come January!

This year on the Supreme Court, you’ll be arguing three important and interesting cases. One covers campaign finance and alleged bribery charges at the state level. The second covers affirmative action and contract law. The third looks at dams in the Amazon and environmental protection. All three cases are complicated and challenging, but we’re sure that you’ll work hard to come up with exciting arguments on both sides, and we look forward to hearing them in Sao Paulo!

To prepare for your work on the Supreme Court, you should read each case thoroughly and devise an argument in support of the sides you’ll be representing. You should outline the important constitutional questions and come up with answers to them. At the conference, you’ll be making these arguments to us and to your peers—and you’ll also being hearing the arguments they’ve worked on.

HMC Latin America is a great to place to meet new people and learn new things about the government, the political progress, and just how to make a strong argument and deliver it with conviction—an important skill in any walk of life! I’m thrilled to be part of that experience, and we can’t wait for the conference.

See you soon!